Starship Food Delivery

Robots bring your favorite foods to you

Jacks dining is proud to deliver with Starship Food Delivery Robots! We welcomed our six-wheeled friends in November of 2021 and they have happily served from your favorite campus restaurants ever since!
Starship Delivery Robots are a safe, low-cost, and convenient way to satisfy your hunger without leaving your dorm, study spot, or campus hangout. They use less energy per delivery than it takes to brew one cup of hot coffee, are entirely powered by electricity, and the best part… they drive themselves!
Whether you’re restocking your dorm room fridge or treating yourself to a delicious dinner, Starship makes it easy to satisfy your cravings. Your meal plan can be connected in the app, allowing you to order and pay with HOBO Dough. The robots currently deliver from Slices, Erberts & Gerberts, and Shorty's Hot Box.
Ready to roll?
  1. Get the Starship Delivery app
  2. Select your campus restaurant, fill your basket, and place your order.
  3. Relax as the robots roll across campus with your food!

Discover more about Starship’s plan to revolutionize the world of food delivery!


Learn more about Starship Food Delivery!
Most of the time the robots drive autonomously, using a mixture of computer vision and GPS to pinpoint their exact location to the nearest inch.
The robot has obstacle detection. 12 cameras, ultrasonic sensors, radars, neural networks and more to detect obstacles, whether that’s a dog, a pedestrian/cyclist.
The robot travels safely at 4 mph.
The robots are designed to act like a pedestrian, so mainly sidewalks, but they cross roads too.
We aim for 99% autonomous operation. The robots can be monitored remotely by a human who can take control at any time, if needed.
The robots have many theft prevention measures to prevent this from happening. Sirens if it is picked up, tracking to the nearest inch, the lid is securely locked, and cameras that can record.
Starship is an American company headquartered in San Francisco. The robots are manufactured in Europe.
So many. Some examples in the US: Fairfax, VA (George Mason University); Flagstaff, AZ (Northern Arizona University); Chicago, IL (University of Illinois Chicago ); Bowling Green, OH (Bowling Green State University), Corvallis, OR (Oregon State University); but also the UK, Estonia, and Finland.
The delivery price can change but it’s normally just a few bucks.
The robots are cleaned and sanitized before every delivery.
Starship’s robots are safe and green and 100% electric.